Impact 20 Group offers professional retained and contingency recruitment services to the electronics manufacturing and energy industries.
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Our ability to surgically & quickly locate exceptional talent from a pool of bright, talented, accomplished individuals is strong.  Our process is time-tested, backed by a long list of satisfied company clients. 

While all recruiters talk about having a ‘process’, any process is only as good as the work ethic and intelligence behind it.  We are creative in the use of new, innovative & unconventional techniques.

Our efforts do not end with the onboarding of a desired executive or technical talent!  We continue to maintain communication for the purpose of better integration with your firm.   Who better to help you understand how to retain talent than an experienced recruiter who knows all the reasons why talent happily remains with a company?

Our services include retained and contingency options:

Retained Services Include:

A dedicated search team member who directly conducts each assignment

  • Individual client consultant is assigned for search execution
  • Proven search professionals who establish robust understanding of industry, discipline and culture are committed to each assignment
  • A 24/7 dedication & availability to client service

Search completion and guarantee

  • We fill all searches for which we are committed. We work until our client finds the executive / technical professional they need
  • Replacement guarantee for all placements for 6 months from start date

Professional fee proposal tied to search completion and scope of project

  • Multiple fee structures customized to client need’s and timing
  • Invoicing based on search milestones and scope of project


Contingency Services Include:

  • Targeted near-term search featuring time-tested cold-calling methodology
  • Creation of a pool of potential candidates
  • Contacting all members of the defined pool
  • Engage and perform preliminary screen
  • Generate an initial short list of candidates for additional screening
  • Presentation of vetted candidates: resumes and summary information to include educational background, career overview, career highlight accomplishments, salary expectations, other topics
  • Schedule initial interview – phone or in-person
  • Check references
  • Schedule final interview
  • Assist in negotiating an offer
  • Assist in final logistics and onboarding to start date.

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